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January 16, 2016
by Shawn Duke
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How to Make Rubber Bracelets

Do you want to learn how to make rubber bracelets? Do you want to know the step-by-step guide in making one? Before we start we must first clarify that these bracelets are often mistaken for rainbow loom bands. They may look alike but they differ in purpose. Through the years, there had been an increasing demand for these bracelets. No wonder many people, housewives included, are starting to learn how to make them and start earning some extra income for them.

To begin with, how do we make rubber bracelets? First of all, you will need the following materials:

paper towel, bowl, rubber bands, food coloring, bowl, glue, permanent marker, stencil, accessories and stamping device. So here it goes.

First, choose the size of the rubber band that you’re going to use.

If, however, you’re planning to personalize it, choose a much wider rubber band. But before beginning the process, make sure that you try it on first to ensure that it will fit anyone who’s going to wear it and be comfortable with it.

Second, pour some warm water in a bowl. Add a little drop of food coloring to the bowl.

However, if you want a darker color for your bracelet, you can add more colors to the bowl.

Third, you can now drop the rubber bands or bracelets into the bowl.

Rubber bandOnce it reaches your desired color, it is now time to remove it from the bowl.

When removing the bracelets, use gloves and let them dry on paper towels. After the bracelet had been dried out, you can now add your desired accessories to it. When writing down names, letters or other words, you can make use of permanent markers to write it down. There you have it! You now have made your own rubber bracelets.

Now that you’ve made your own rubber bracelets, the next thing that you would want to know is how to sell it. There are many things that you can do in order to sell them. You can begin with your friends, relatives, co-workers, or acquaintances. Just by telling or showing them your product, they will soon be interested about it. Another way of selling your product is by joining fares and bazaars. Especially now that the holiday’s season is near, hopefully people may arouse their interest in your product.

Another way of selling your product is by way of special events. For example you hear that there is an upcoming fun run or sports events, before the day of the event you can make rubber bracelets just for that occasion. So when the date of the event comes, you can sell it at the venue itself.

Selling these bracelets is online is another option. You can advertise your product online. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. So there you have it! These are just some of the things you can do to make and earn money with bracelets. Once the orders keep pouring in, there will come a time that you will need more workers to help you make the job easier. Of course, at the start it may be only you or some friends, or even your daughter can help you.

In conclusion, these bracelets are not so hard to make and sell. It will not even cost you a big amount of money. What you really needed is the time, effort and patience to begin the work. After you’ve seen all the fruits of your labor that is the time you can relax and enjoy. So if you’re planning to make one today, go ahead and do it.


December 15, 2015
by Glenda Douglas
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When Motivation Fails

Many companies and organizations have turned to motivational speakers to help them sustain their employees’ and members’ passion towards their work. As people become comfortable and settled in their jobs and respective positions, it is inevitable that they become complacent and less and less motivated. Most of the time, the degree of complacency and lack of drive can be seen in their mediocre outputs. And no one can blame them. They’ve been in the job for far too long, doing the same thing that it becomes a routine. There’s no more challenge and no more excitement. They need a shock that will bring passion back into their work lives.

Motivational speakersA motivational speaker is described as someone who talks to inspire and motivate people to get into action and work on achieving a certain goal. Some are born with this skill and has an inherent charisma to encourage a big group. But more often than not, these speakers are also trained and experienced people who has in-depth knowledge of how to drive people to perform.

Though many people have attested to being inspired and motivated by certain speakers they’ve listened to, there are also those who swear that they got nothing out of it but a huge waste of time.

Here are some reasons why motivational talks fail sometimes:

All talk and no play. Some speakers will simply stand on the stage and go into a one-hour narration of dos and don’ts. They will spew out tons and tons of information (mostly through a hail of power point bullets) and not once check with their audience for understanding. They are talking for themselves and will usually leave their audience with nothing but stiff necks and sore backs from sitting on an unpadded chair for one straight hour.

Too much of everything. This motivational speaker is the opposite of the “all talk and no play” speaker. He bombards his audience with jokes and funny anecdotes and unending activities. He has all sorts of props and even costume changes. His participants would spend most of their hour probably standing on their feet running around. At the end of the hour, they’d be all tired and spent and will all hurriedly pack their stuff and go home. There was no takeaway. Too much play but not enough meat to promote learning.

Bedtime stories. Some people have been subjected to an hour of storytelling. There were tales of heartbreaks and triumphs. There were heart-wrenching stories of tragedies, terrible losses, and soaring successes. They cried buckets of tears and then cried some more. But in the end, they learned nothing. All they got were stories. They went home feeling inspired and energized but then realized that they didn’t really know how to succeed or overcome their heartbreaks and losses. They were only given the “what” but not the “how.” A good motivational speaker does not only seek to inspire. He also aims to provide guidance by giving his audience tried and tested steps that will help them achieve their goals.

One time only. Other people have talked about attending a very moving talk by a very good motivational speaker and that’s all there is to it. The talk became nothing but a memory. It was that one day when they’ve felt so inspired and full of life. That one day when they felt they could own the world. One day. Just one day. So, what happened after? Nothing. There was no follow through. The fire that was ignited never really materialized into a full raging fire. There was no fuel to sustain it. There was no reinforcement like additional training or workshops to nurture the learning and track the progress. It became just a one-time thing, slowly fading to nothingness as the days pass by.

October 24, 2015
by Evie Dibdin
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How Challenge Coins are Made

coinChallenge coins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and designs which could overwhelm anyone looking to get coins produced. But in order to figure out what custom options one should opt for, it would be best to first understand how challenge coins are made.
The first step is the designing stage. At this point, design ideas from the customer would be developed and refined. The artwork can furnished by the customer himself or it can be done by artists from the manufacturer. The layout can be in any format. Even pencil sketches can be turned into a usable design for a coin. However, most professionals now employ graphic design software to make more precise artwork. The final design would have to be approved by the customer and the manufacturer before proceeding to the next stage. The design specifications should also include the shape and metal style that the client wants.

In the molding stage, the design is molded into plastic clay. When the mold has been perfected, a rubber substance is poured into it and allowed to set. Once ready, it is attached to an engraver that transfers the design onto a blank coin. The coin is made of the base metal that the customer has chosen. It must be ensured that the engraver have the approved design in reverse, otherwise, the final coin would have a reversed design instead.

This step takes almost a month to accomplish. That is also why the customer must allow for a long processing time for the manufacturing of challenge coins. If the coins are rushed in production, this could lead to items of sub-par quality.

Next comes the striking stage where the engraver is set onto an anvil and a hammer is pounded onto it. This results in the design being stamped on the coin. For coins with designs on both sides, two engravers would be used and the blank coin is inserted between them before striking. So, the two sides will have their designs appear simultaneously.

Then, the plating stage is when the newly struck metal coin will be given a plating as desired by the customer. They can choose from a variety of plating options with the most popular ones being silver and gold. The metal will, then, be finished according to the client’s desired look. Some metals can be polished to a high sheen or dulled to create an antiqued, aged look.

If the design of the challenge coin involves color, then the painting stage comes next. This is done by hand and each color is applied one by one. So, a large batch of orders would take a long time to paint depending also on the number of colors to be used and the complexity of the design. Those with fine lines and small details will involve a lot of care from artisans to make.

Lastly, the protecting stage is where the challenge coin will be coated in a protective enamel or epoxy to make sure that the paint will not easily wear off and to also guard against nicks and scratches on the metal. The recesses in the design will have to be filled in carefully and the surface coated evenly for a professional appearance. In this stage, textures using the coating can also be applied to the coin. This adds dimension to the designs and is good for highlighting parts that would benefit from further emphasis.

Online services for manufacturing challenge coins like www.challengecoins4less.com offer services on their website that will allow you to easily design and choose the coins you want. They also provide an effortless transaction with different payment gateway methods and free shipping that will get your challenge coins to you in the most efficient way possible.